1324 1st ST NW,
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Tristin Rogers

Executive Chef

Chef Tristin Rogers has won many awards, developed savory menus and fine dining experiences, and enjoys the creative flair of French and American cuisines. He has twice won Albuquerque’s annual Best of City – Best Casino Restaurant designation in fine dining, representing The Crown Room, as one example.  He loves the culinary world and on his time off, researches food trends and explores what no one is thinking and doing regarding gastronomic techniques, pairings, and presentations.  He has created and successfully implemented 7 to 10 course menus.

Chef Tristin’s goal and rewards are achieving the highest guest satisfaction and helping to make remarkable dining experiences for his customers. At Hollow Spirits Distillery Chef Tristin is reprogramming diners minds about what constitutes a Fine New Mexican Dining Experience. With an emphasis on local, fresh ingredients Chef Tristin is blending traditional New Mexican food with gastronomy techniques. The result is beautiful food you can taste with your eyes and enjoy with your soul. In addition, Chef Tristin craft-fully integrates Hollow Spirits alcohol enhancing the flavor of each dish, and showcasing spirits place in food.

For over 19 years, he has developed a hands-on chef career with national brands and diverse cuisines. A self-described tireless worker, his reputation has expanded in the Albuquerque area and his desire is to creatively grow and be a nationally-renowned chef producing distinctive cuisine.  He wants “to hone my craft” and teach others the passion and opportunities in the industry.  Soft spoken, he is a family man with a strong work ethic and respect for his employers. He thoroughly enjoys the preparation and the plating to entice the guest to try something new or to come back with friends and family.


Chef Tristin

Classic Chefery
Making Dope Food
Making Poop Flavored Food

What is said when drunk, has been thought of beforehand.

Flemish Proverb
-Flemish Proverb

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