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Frank Holloway


Founder of Hollow Spirits Distillery, Frank Holloway has spent his entire career working around liquor. Having started as a busser he climbed his way through the restaurant ranks learning every aspect of the service industry.

He felt as if being a bartender was not enough and desired to understand distribution.

I called National Distribution every 2 weeks for 8 months until they
hired me. This was the next step for me after being a bartender. I knew this was another piece I had to understand before opening my own place.”

After a couple of years he decided to focus on the business side and the management side of a restaurant/drinking establishments. He became the general manager of Fat Squirrel in 2012, there he returned the business to profitability from the edge of closing.

I learned first-hand how to manage the business side. Costs exceeding sales is a losing formula and I learned to approach our daily operations using percentages. If one system or product didn’t make sense financially, I addressed it. ”

In 2013, the beer market was primed and Frank was ready move into ownership. Partnering with 4 friends, Red Door Brewing was opened in 2014.

Red Door Brewing taught me how to lead effectively. I never asked anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do and I trusted them to do what they were good at. It was refreshing to see how all my  employees responded. Employees respect managers who respect them; it’s a mutual relationship. It was also through Red Door that I fell in love with the atmosphere of craft. It wasn’t a bar. It was relaxed. It was local. We all worked hard. A place where everyone felt like family.”

In 2016, Frank jumped at an opportunity to help Uptown Funk set up their bar.

At Uptown Funk I worked directly with the CEO and GM and really began to understand how to teach others to set up systems and processes that run a successful business. It felt great to be able to teach others what I know; and even today I can walk in and see those practices still in place.”

These experiences gave Frank the final push to open his passion project where craft meets bar. In 2017, Hollow Spirits was founded and the dream began to become a reality.

Really, the best part of this whole project is the people around me. I have the opportunity to bring in people I love and respect and in-turn be part of their stories as they realize their dreams. It feels like a family. It means everything to me to support my family. I have my eyes set on the future and can’t wait to help Hollow Spirits grow and support our local craft community.”

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What is said when drunk, has been thought of beforehand.

Flemish Proverb
-Flemish Proverb

If it’s clear and yellow, you got juice there fellow. If it’s tangy and brown, you’re in cider town.

- Ned Flanders

I don’t do magic. I do science. One takes brains and the other takes dark eyeliner.

- Rick Sanchez